AIM Ambassadors are a select group of students at Art in Motion who are looking to grow as a leader and explore the social side of the dance business. This program will give students who are selected, special and unique opportunities only available to the members of the Ambassador program.

Who are the Ambassadors:

Students who stand out at the studio, not only through their skills in dance but also through leadership and representing the AIM family atmosphere and culture.

Mission Statement:

The AIM Ambassador program is designed to teach young dancers who excel in leadership the opportunity to share their love with the community.

Erin Feldman, Emma Custer, McKenzie Erhnschwender, Caendra Baugus, Ce'Jay Tilley, Cara Mahan


The mission of Wingman for Dance is to inspire dancers, regardless of age, level or skill to become helpful heroes that go above and beyond for each other. Wingman boosts children’s confidence and recognizes their unique strengths. Wingman will improve the overall vibe of your studio by creating an atmosphere of connection and belonging.

Our mission has been and always will be to promote "all that is good in dance education." Through our partnership with Wingman for Dance, we are able to further educate the dance community on the awesome power that the art of dance has as a tool for healing and confidence for young people through encouraging creativity, teamwork and self-expression. Wingman has designed an inspiring program to help our studio instill a renewed sense of joy and love in our students and aid you all in being more socially aware and responsible.

Winning Isn't Everything

Competition is ok but don’t let it take over and lead to negative behaviors

Teamwork and growing in your skills is more important

Effort, how well you performed and if you have grown as a dancer is more important

Include Everyone

No matter what an individual’s abilities/age, make sure they feel involved and have a chance to shine

Say hello to dancers you don’t know or don’t normally hang out with

Be kind to parents/teachers in the lobby

Never Shut Someone Down

Highlight individual strengths, compliment other dancers on their work

Never pick on someone’s weaker areas

Always be supportive of an individual’s creative efforts

Go Above and Beyond

Don’t follow the pack, do what’s right and needed to help others

Be the best dancer you can be, it adds to level of your team

Have courage and stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves

Step Up and Take the Lead

When faced with a problem, be the first to try to solve it or get help

Have the courage to stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves

Don’t be afraid to participate, add your creativity to the group

What Our Families Are Saying

We’ve been with AIM since the beginning. The coaches, staff, and dance family have seen our family through the best of times and also in the worst of times. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that my children would not be who they are today without AIM. Can’t wait to get Pres in a rec class!! Andrea has worked countless hours alone side her staff to create the perfect environment to learn and grow and thrive for all children. What’s being offered here is so much more than just dance education. It’s life lessons. It’s discipline. It’s growing relationships. Communication. Family. 9 years have flown by! Looking forward to 9 more!

Andrea G.

Art in Motion is fantastic! The teachers are so kind, patient, and talented! The teachers, staff, and programs have exceeded my expectations! ❤️

Kristie R.

This studio is sooo spectacular and I've been grateful each and every day of the last 5 years that lanie has been dancing there. Not only for her but me as well. I have formed some wonderful bonds with the dance mama's and staff workers there who have helped me along my way especially when we joined the company team. Kendra Seiter you do so much for this studio and our families. You've held my hand, reassured me, kept a watchful eye on my child and answered more questions than I can count! I know you take care of us all and I thank you so so much! I can't wait to celebrate year 10 at Disney with the best studio EVER!!!!"

Tracy M.

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Art in Motion School of Dance instructs students between from age 18 months through adult in various forms of dance and movement. We have both
recreational and competition classes depending on your needs. We offer many classes such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Pointe, Musical Theatre, Creative Movement, Acro and more.




Bridgewater Falls Shopping Center

3425 Princeton Rd Suite 115

Fairfield Twp, OH 45011




The Exchange

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