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Kayla Parnell

Great studio with an amazing staff! 💚 Not only has my sister been dancing here for 6 years but my daughter now dances here as well. This is her second season and she LOVES it! Ms. Melanie is an amazing and patient teacher!

Chantell Sparks

I have loved this dance studio and the way the instructors motivate their kids and inspire them to have passion for dance since my daughter attended her first class 5 years ago. Our entire family couldn't be more pleased with the progress she has made and we are so excited to begin our 4th competition season next month! This studio is always striving for and providing excellence; from choreography, costumes choices, photography, encouragement and everything in between. Thanks for all that you do AIM!

Kiersten Marissa

My daughter has been dancing since before she could even walk, it's always been something she loves. In January I decided to sign her up for dance classes, and I'm so thankful we listened to Amy Schultheiss and chose AIM. My daughter was 2 years old and in the creative movement class taught by miss Melanie, who we love! She's patient (which takes a lot when you have a room full of crazy toddlers). They did a little bit of stretching, a little bit of dancing, and worked on their listening skills! They keep a student helpee in the class with little ones to help the teacher with an extra set of hands. Our photoshoot for dance didn't go as easy as planned but Andrea (the director and owner of AIM) and Kendra (the photographer) were patient and tried to get the best picture possible! My daughter doesn't like new people or new things, so she didnt want to dance at her recital without mommy on stage. Andrea tried moving Brynlee where she could see me but ultimately let me go on stage to calm her down and danced in the corner to cheer her up. I'm beyond thankful for how understanding and patient the staff at art in motion has been with my little girl! If you're looking to put your child in dance but are iffy on how they'll do, sign them up at AIM. They really do care about their students and will do anything to help them succeed.

Ashley Gray

My daughter haidyn started dance here last year and we LOVE it! When my daughter was out sick for a few weeks we received am email making sure that she was okay. YOU can really feel the love and passion that everyone there has for dancing. I'm so glad that we chose AIM and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Thanks for all you ladies do you're awesome!"

Amanda Guard-Davidson

Love this school! My daughter Jolee is three and this is her first year attending and she absolutely loves it! Miss Melanie is an amazing teacher very sweet and patient with the kids! Jolee looks forward to her class every week!