"My advice for other artists, whether you are a beginner or not; practice is perfect, references, techniques, inspiration, constructive criticism, etc. Never expect to improve immediately, it takes a lot of time to grasp the habit to have a style, or a medium you truly appreciate and have fun with; and this includes dancing, most people do not bring that up, but dance is a wonderful and creative form of art that can be looked into. Every style and medium is important, it is a very significant piece of history that was formed to be an escape, a way to express feelings, surroundings, or personality."

-Zariah Thomas

The Zariah Thomas Scholarship Fund

Honoring a Legacy of Dance

In loving memory of Zariah Thomas, a vibrant soul who embraced the joy of dance, Art in Motion School of Dance is proud to announce the establishment of the Zariah Thomas Scholarship Fund. Zariah, a beloved member of our dance family, left an indelible mark through her passion and dedication to the art of dance. In honor of her memory, her father, John, has graciously suggested creating this scholarship fund to celebrate Zariah's life and love for dance.

The Zariah Thomas Scholarship Fund aims to provide financial assistance to aspiring dancers within our community who may face financial barriers in pursuing their passion for dance. This scholarship embodies Zariah's spirit, aiming to support and nurture the dreams of dancers who share her dedication, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Zariah, at 16 years old, radiated love for dance, leaving a lasting impact on everyone she encountered. Through this scholarship, her legacy will continue to inspire and uplift aspiring dancers, fostering opportunities for growth and achievement within our dance community.

This fundraiser for the scholarship operates on donations and contributions from generous hearts like yours. Your support will directly impact the lives of young dancers, allowing them to experience the transformative power of dance, just as Zariah did.

Join us in honoring Zariah's memory and ensuring her passion for dance lives on. Your donation to the Zariah Thomas Scholarship Fund will help create opportunities for aspiring dancers at Art in Motion School of Dance, fostering a legacy of love, artistry, and inclusivity within our dance family.

Together, let's dance forward in Zariah's name, empowering the dreams of young dancers and keeping her vibrant spirit alive through the joy of dance.

The Rivera Family Foundation

The Rivera Family Foundation was established to honor the memory of Raymond and Maria Rivera. The foundation has supported animal shelters and senior centers all in Puerto Rico.

The Maria Rivera Scholarship was established to offer dancers the ability to continue their love for dance.

As a young girl and woman, Maria loved music and dance and used it as a lucky charm for her beloved New York Mets to win games by dancing in front of the television. Maria was born and raised in Puerto Rico and, in 1947, traveled to New York City to begin a new life and help her family back home. She met Raymond and, in 1953, was married and started an adventure that lasted 65 years.

She was a strong woman who loved her family and friends. Maria loved watching her great-granddaughter dancing and was grateful to see her dance with her teammates from Art in Motion.

Maria believed in honoring your parents and friends, treating people how you want to be treated, kindness, love, and doing the right thing.

The Rivera Family Foundation will be happy to announce the recipient of the Maria Rivera Scholarship is awarded to an AIM dancer who shows exceptional teamwork, work ethic, determination, kindness, and passion at the Art in Motion Spring Recital. "Dance to make your heart happy, dance to make your heart sing."

What Our Families Are Saying

We’ve been with AIM since the beginning. The coaches, staff, and dance family have seen our family through the best of times and also in the worst of times. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that my children would not be who they are today without AIM. Can’t wait to get Pres in a rec class!! Andrea has worked countless hours alone side her staff to create the perfect environment to learn and grow and thrive for all children. What’s being offered here is so much more than just dance education. It’s life lessons. It’s discipline. It’s growing relationships. Communication. Family. 9 years have flown by! Looking forward to 9 more!

Andrea G.

Art in Motion is fantastic! The teachers are so kind, patient, and talented! The teachers, staff, and programs have exceeded my expectations! ❤️

Kristie R.

This studio is sooo spectacular and I've been grateful each and every day of the last 5 years that lanie has been dancing there. Not only for her but me as well. I have formed some wonderful bonds with the dance mama's and staff workers there who have helped me along my way especially when we joined the company team. Kendra Seiter you do so much for this studio and our families. You've held my hand, reassured me, kept a watchful eye on my child and answered more questions than I can count! I know you take care of us all and I thank you so so much! I can't wait to celebrate year 10 at Disney with the best studio EVER!!!!"

Tracy M.

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Art in Motion School of Dance instructs students between from age 18 months through adult in various forms of dance and movement. We have both
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Bridgewater Falls Shopping Center

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The Exchange

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